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This is my first entry =D...

Hope it enters... LOL

You can start leveling your prayer on the training area..
* it's more slower ----


You can get dragon bones from dragons
*You can get some or buy some dragon bones and bury it...
... LOL!



How To Kill Jad
0:27 Am

Watch this Youtube Video on how to kill jad


any trouble please comment




The Magic Cape you MUST wear, but make sure everything is pretty much the same, giving the best magic/melee bonus possible.

For the inventory, all you need is a Strength, Attack and Defence Potion to Drink, and the rest can be taken up by mantas.

How to do it:

Step 1:
Drink your potions and go in. Empty your dds spec bar on Jad, then just eat and hit him until the Healers come out.

Step 2:

This is where the fast clicking skills come handy. When the Healers enter and start healing Jad, go to your Ancient Magics tab and use Blood Barrage on one of the healers, then you will notice that all of them will stop healing Jad and come after you.

Hope you Learn... ----

How to get God Sword's

Step1:[ You will need to know how to get to GG well its on your emote tab so you click on it![/size]
Once you get their you will need to talk to the banker he will ask you some things then u have to pay a 1m fee after that you have to wait a few min's. After the game has begone their will be sara and zammy people you kill the people that are the opisite team that your on. But the down side is that other players can att you and you only hav 4mins to get as many kills as u can. The best things you should bring out their with you is food and pots. After every match you will be rewarded points and it takes 300 points for a gs so you will be out their for a long time. (hour or 2)

hope this helps!

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